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Sales of anatomical models are the mainstay of eAnatomy, although we also spend a lot of resources on developing our own anatomical materials such as posters. Anatomical models are used for various purposes and can show both delimited tissues, organs and organ systems. If you are looking for a simple model of bone tissue or perhaps an advanced torso model based on MRI technology, you can find it all at eanatomi.dk.

Anatomical models are used for many different purposes, such as teaching & learning, as an aid in medical consultation and as decoration. Most people have probably seen a skeleton in a classroom, a knee model at the doctor's or perhaps a candle in a skull for a party or otherwise.

Our range of anatomical models is primarily grouped into organs and organ systems such as brain models and the digestive system. Pga. of the incredible size of the body, some of these selections are further subdivided. This is seen, among other things, by the musculoskeletal system, where specific selections such as foot models, hand models and models of spines make it easier for you to find exactly the anatomical model you are interested in.

All our range of anatomical models is composed on the basis of many years of experience, high professionalism and common sense. It is a fact that our customers demand both high and lower quality. That is why our selection includes both. It can often be felt on the price whether the product is of high or lower quality, but we also do a part of formulating it in the product descriptions. The difference is seen, for example, in our selection of heart models, where this enlarged and highly detailed heart model for DKK 6,350 (incl. VAT) is of course of a completely different quality than this classic heart model for DKK 375 (incl. VAT).

It must be emphasized that we do not sell models in such a low quality that it is unjustifiable.

Some might ask what the difference in quality is. It depends on the individual anatomical model. If the model includes, for example, many small bones as a foot model, the quality is determined in particular by how well the human bone tissue is reproduced in the model (ie small protrusions, depressions, etc. in the bone tissue). If the anatomical model includes many soft parts such as ligaments, vessels, nerves and the like (such as this complete hand model ), the quality is determined by whether these anatomical structures include small and important details, are placed anatomically correct and lifelike in appearance. Often the pedagogical angle also plays a role. A model that can be separated in many parts is everything else being equal better than a model that can not be separated at all. Examples of anatomically low-quality anatomical models are models that include anatomical defects, break easily and / or do not reproduce the respective tissue (s) in a true-to-nature way.

Should it happen that you are looking for an anatomical model that is not to be found on eanatomi.dk, we will look forward to hearing from you.

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