Brain models & The nervous system

Our range of brain models is large and includes models with many different characteristics. A brain model is also called a plastic brain, and as a starting point they all show the cerebrum, cerebellum and truncus encephali with the cranial nerves.

The brain models can be separated into different numbers of parts - from 2 to 15. Therefore, they are different in relation to which structures can be seen. The differences also lie in how the parts are held together (via nylon sticks, metal sticks or magnets). Furthermore, they also consist of different types of material (from flexible and almost soft material to extremely hard).

Some of the models also show colored structures. Some show colors in specific areas of the brain lobes (cerebrum), while others show internal structures in colors. Many of our customers ask about the limbic system in connection with. purchase of brain models - especially the hippocampus and amygdala. Therefore, this is mentioned in all product descriptions in the range. The range also includes a model of the spinal cord, which some call a nervous system model or nerve model. It shows a spinal nerve (with roots), a cross-section of the spinal cord and the meninges (dura mater spinalis, arachnoidea mater spinalis and pia mater spinalis), all of which are part of the nervous system.

Clinically, the plastic brains can be used to understand many different lesions and disorders. From stroke to hydrocephalus, epilepsy and much more.

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