Kidneys & urinary tract

In our selection of kidney models, you can choose between models that are made in life size or are enlarged. There are also 2 complete models. One shows all physiologically important structures in the kidney, and the other shows a larger part of the urinary tract incl. the bladder (vesica urinaria) in both sexes.

Renal models are used in particular to understand the anatomy of the kidney as well as clinical aspects such as diseases, examinations and treatment.

Anatomically, the kidney includes many structures. With a kidney model in hand, one can study the renal stalk with blood vessels (a. And v. Renalis), the renal pelvis (pelvis renalis / renal pelvis), the beginning of the ureter (ureter), the renal cortex (renal cortex), the renal marrow (medulla renalis) in the form of pyramids and the entire renal pelvis (with calices). Furthermore, some models include the adrenal gland.

One of our complete models shows small and physiologically important structures such as the renal body (corpusculum renis), the nephron with Henle's sling and tubule and the collecting duct.

As for blood vessels, it depends on the individual kidney model which ones are seen. In one of our models, the blood supply (the renal hemorrhage) is seen in both the marrow and the cortex with many details such as interlobial arteries, arcuate arteries, interlobular arteries (cortical radial arteries), afferent arterioles, glomerular capillaries, efferent arterioles, peritubular capillaries, vasa recta and the venous system.

Virtually all kidney models show at least a. And v. Renalis.

Clinically, a kidney model can be used to understand disorders and diseases in the various tissues / structures of the kidney. These can be, for example, kidney failure, inflammatory conditions, kidney stones, hydronephrosis and kidney tumors.

Furthermore, the model can be used to understand examinations such as ultrasound examination, CT urography and kidney function examination as well as treatment as relief of drainage obstruction.

See also our very detailed model of the kidney's various tissues and cells with even smaller details.

It can be viewed in the "Microscopic Anatomy" category via THIS LINK

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