Muscular system posters

Anatomical muscle posters include a large number of anatomical posters which illustrate the muscles in the body. There are many types and sizes of muscle posters, some showing the entire body from the front and back, with deep muscles on one side and superficial on the other, showing other selected regions of the body. Many muscle posters are designed and drawn by hand and the choice of poster often depends on the aesthetics combined with the amount of details. Some muscle posters also include only English as opposed to the few with German headlines, which include pure Latin. A good muscle poster can make a big difference during studies in the musculoskeletal system, as it can provide the overview that can easily disappear when looking at anatomical atlases and anatomy boards, but many structures shown at once. This is also why muscle posters are found in virtually every treatment room at physiotherapists, masseurs and other therapists. eAnatomi sells anatomical muscle posters from a wide range of publishers and manufacturers and supplies the muscle posters in a wide range of sizes and qualities, from thick plastic posters to 3D posters to giant posters of 100 x 150 cm.

Anatomical posters on human anatomy with focus on Muscular system posters and joint posters such as poster on the joints of the upper extremity or lower extremity. We also have a selection of anatomy posters that focus on muscle groups such as muscle of the shoulder or muscle fo the back.  

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