The clinic edition - set of 3 posters that all measure 61 x 91 cm
The clinic edition - set of 3 posters that all measure 61 x 91 cm
The clinic edition - set of 3 posters that all measure 61 x 91 cm
The clinic edition - set of 3 posters that all measure 61 x 91 cm
The clinic edition - set of 3 posters that all measure 61 x 91 cm

The clinic edition - set of 3 posters that all measure 61 x 91 cm

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61x91 cm (3 pcs.)
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Acupuncturist Christian Slot and eAnatomi proudly present the first release in a unique series of acupuncture posters called The Essential Charts - Acupuncture.


This clinical edition of the series consists of 3 acupuncture posters, which together are the ultimate tool for both students and professionals who do not compromise on quality. The series can also be ordered in a studio edition, where the content is gathered on one larger poster. See more at the price below.

During the more than 1 year long design and development phase, the recipe has been:

  • Specialized anatomical draftsmen
  • A wealth of literature and postings
  • Countless improvements and corrections
  • Focus on learning and systematics
  • Professional vanity down to the smallest detail

From the first thought, the idea has been that the posters should be an unsurpassed pedagogical tool for memorizing and rehearsing the essentials of acupuncture. The content is therefore tailored to:

- Students in the acupuncture education

Trained and experienced acupuncturists who want the quick and most accurate overview


  • Color-highlighted and clear meridian gradients

  • English and Chinese meridian names as well as English abbreviations

  • Placement of points is primarily prepared according to Peter Deadman's "A manual of Acupuncture"

  • Color and symbol highlights - including Yuan Source, Luo, 5-element, Shu and Mu

  • 5-element law as added illustration containing the 5-element points

  • Selected extraordinary items with their Chinese names

  • European point names

  • Basic figure created with the highest anatomical precision

  • Bones and bone processes (protrusions, depressions, etc.)

  • Numbered vertebrae

  • Format: Set of 3 individual posters of 61 x 91 cm each , 200 g paper, applied SoftTouch - a matte and exclusive finish

The posters are delivered without frames but rolled up in a secure squared carton tube.  The posters can be hung up in several ways - for example with pins or frames. They are also most suitable for framing or mounting on eg foam boards.


"In my opinion, I managed to make a set of meridian / acupuncture posters that surpass everything I have seen so far. Beautiful appearance and well thought out. Fantastic when a very high professional level can be combined with a beautiful expression. The best recommendations from here."

Claus Schultz, headmaster at Dit Alternativ, reflexologist, acupuncturist and masseur

Finally, the posters that I was missing in my acupuncture study and that I look forward to being able to make use of as a practicing acupuncturist and reflexologist. The posters are well done, down to the smallest detail. They are aesthetic, simple, manageable. The meridians are clearly indicated in the color of the right elements, with a logical hue difference between yin - dark and yang - light and they appear in English as well as Chinese. Element points, Yuan - Source, Luo, SHU and MU are clearly indicated in color and symbol and the location is easy to find, via Cun and bones. Hua Tuo, as well as some extraordinary points, such as Baxie, Bafeng, Yintang, Anmian and others. there is also room for. The element points are clearly placed in the Five Elements Law, Sheng and Ko cycle as well as organ clock theories. I buy 4 frames in the hope that there will be a fourth poster, which can clearly show muscle and meridian conditions. Thank you for the great work of Christian Slot and eAnatomi ApS"

Best regards Karin Thygesen

RAB Acupuncturist and Reflexologist

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