The MuscoloSkeletal System poster EA1
The MuscoloSkeletal System poster EA1
The MuscoloSkeletal System poster EA1
The MuscoloSkeletal System poster EA1
The MuscoloSkeletal System poster EA1
The MuscoloSkeletal System poster EA1

The MuscoloSkeletal System poster EA1

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Directly from our development department, we proudly present the ultimate anatomy poster: The anatomy of the musculoskeletal system in English (EA1)

The anatomy poster is the ultimate tool for both students and professionals who do not compromise on quality. It has been underway for several years, and the recipe became long:

- Specialized photographers

- Specialized anatomical designers

- A wealth of literature

- Countless improvements and corrections

- Endless systematics

Persistent professional vanity

The poster is developed in our own development department. Unlike similar posters, it contains everything about bones, joints and associated ligaments as well as the skeletal muscles throughout the body. It can therefore be used as an atlas that has been transformed into a large and pedagogical overview map.

From the first working day in 2013, the basic idea has been that it should be an unsurpassed pedagogical aid that offers the best opportunity to memorize and repeat the anatomy of the musculoskeletal system in a descriptive way. The content is therefore tailored to students in the medical education, the physiotherapist education, the nursing education, the massage education and many other educations which include the anatomy of the musculoskeletal system.

An ambitious and professional poster that both decorates and lives up to the highest professional standards.

* The poster has been reviewed and recommended by Professor Joergen Olsen, head of the course in head, neck, musculoskeletal system and the peripheral nervous system at the medical school at the University of Copenhagen.


  • Bones and bone processes (protrusions, depressions, etc.)
  • Groupings of skeletal muscles as well as their origin and attachment
  • Joints and the main ligaments
  • Selected clinically relevant designations (eg DIP joints and Haderup's dental formula)
  • Danish-Latin nomenclature
  • Grouped and named according to the same system as the Danish literature by Bojsen-Møller and J. Tranum-Jensen
  • Format: 70 x 100 cm, 250 g paper - suitable for framing
  • In the PDF file next to the product images on the left, the poster is described in detail as well as the few omissions such as the laryngeal muscles.
  • Frame not included.

NB: Now also available in Local language version with complete and correct local nomenclature; Swedish/Latin, Danish/Latin, German/Latin, Norwegian/Latin. 

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