The Ultimate Stethoscope - Duracoat Edition

The Ultimate Stethoscope - Duracoat Edition

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eAnatomi is pleased to present our first choice of a stethoscope with a patented design, targeted at doctors and especially cardiologists. With unsurpassed quality and sound sensitivity, durability and good price, this stethoscope is superior to other stethoscopes which cost twice as much. This stethoscope is in our optics the best offer ever, for a stethoscope that can follow you from study to work, with a price that is fantastic. If in doubt, you can always visit us and try the stethoscope in person. We have no doubt that you will love the quality!

Chest piece in stainless steel- Two sides with deep crankcase-shaped bell and diaphragm head with dynamically cut inner bell for unique acoustic reception.

Hose in 'ultraflex' design. Flexible and durable double hose that ensures the best possible transport of sound.

The stethoscope is coated with black Duracoat which gives an exclusive and extra durable finish. The head is coated with black rubber rings to avoid chills for the patient. All components are black and the stethoscope appears very exclusive and beautiful.

There is a 7-year warranty from the factory against material defects. eAnatomi adds 3 years to this warranty as a sign of great confidence in the product.

Supplied accessories
2 extra sets of ear olives in soft and hard version, extra membrane and name tag

The stethoscope is delivered in a solid box with shaped foam and instructions for use.

The reason for our choice:
eAnatomy has long been looking for the ultimate stethoscope for doctors; one that was in such good quality that no one could question it and a price that made it more attractive than competing stethoscopes. The goal was to find a stethoscope which removed the doubt and made the purchase of e.g. a 'study stethoscope', 'professional' stethoscope, etc. superfluous. With 'The ultimate stethoscope' we offer what we believe is the best quality on the market, at the best price. We hope you will trust us when we say that there is no need to buy more different stethoscopes. With our ultimate stethoscope, you have the opportunity to buy the right stethoscope from the start, which will satisfy you during your studies and in your professional work.

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